A Mid-America TEC Application is below.
Contained on this page is our "Request to Serve on a Team Weekend" form.
For use by all qualifying** Youth or Adult Volunteers.

**You, the applicant filling out this MA TEC team application, are qualified by actively practicing your faith, having previously attended one of our TEC weekends and promise to honestly answer the questions.

Our Mid America TEC Council reminds you that by submitting this application you are offering to serve our Lord Jesus Christ as a TEC team member.

You are promising to the best of your abilities to commit and offer your time and talents to the team and the candidates who will be attending the weekend.

This commitment requires your attending ALL team meetings unless excused by your weekend Director.
To serve in whatever team role the weekend Director assigns you, trusting their decision. (i.e. wheatie, meditation, resource, etc.)
To attend your weekend reunion.
To attend the HOOT on our next TEC weekend that will follow your weekend.
And to the best of your abilities continue being active within Mid America TEC, by offering your own wheat (time, prayer, talents), which may include writing and sending wheat letters to future TEC weekends, attending future HOOTS, and keeping in touch with our TEC family, especially your fellow team members and the candidates on your weekend.

If you encounter difficulties with any of the commitments - for the sake of the candidates and the other team members - please let your Director know as soon as possible.

Your application and reference form will be kept on file for one (1) year or until you serve on a team.

Directions: Fill out your application below by entering your information into each box.
After filling in the form, click the button "SUBMIT THIS FORM" near the bottom of this page.
Follow the directions on that next page.

1) Today's Date:

2) I would like to serve on TEC(s):

3) I am unable to serve on TECs:

4) Name, Date of Birth & Gender:

First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
Date of Birth
Gender Male

5) Marital Status:

6) Your Mailing Address:

Street or PO Box #
Suite or Apt. #
Zip Code
Cell Phone Number
E-mail Address

7) College Attending if applicable:


8) Your Parish/Church:


9) Are you registered member of this parish/church?:

10) List the TEC weekends that you've attended and/or served on and share what role you had and list any meditations that you may have given. (Start with your most recent):

11) Please check all of the areas of your involvement within your parish/campus:

Weekly attendance at your parish/college Sunday services
CCD/CYO/Youth Group/Life Teen/etc.
Marriage Encounter
Engaged Encounter
Knights of Columbus
Altar Sodality
Parish Council
Eucharistic Minister
Music Minister
Diocesan Ministry Formation Classes

12) In the space below, please tell us about yourself and your spiritual growth. (Must be completed):

13) Release of information:    I give Mid-America TEC permission to include my name, address, phone number, email address and date of birth (excluding year) in the weekend roster to be printed for the weekend and listed in the Mid-America TEC newsletter.
Pick one:

14) I will give a personal reference form to (printed in next step):

Their Name
Their Cell Number

If you are finished entering ALL of your information into the above form you can now click this SUBMIT button to continue.


Serving the Lord is always the right thing to do.
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